Book our studio for  your creative projects including photo/video shoots, auditions, fittings, client-meetings, music videos, classes, group-shoots, visual art projects and more. To book an event, please see "Events."

 The Factory offers two separate studio spaces to work in. Clients are welcome to use both spaces during their booking if available, or pay an additional fee to guarantee use of both spaces. Guests will have access to use of all props, artwork, furniture, misc. items (power strips, iron, etc.) any seamless backdrop of their choice, and our extensive wardrobe available, regardless of which room they work in.

Studio A: 1000 sq.ft. 18ft. ceilings, large windows for natural lighting, a built-in bar, stage, bathroom and lounge.

Studio B: (A blank canvas) 25ft. x75ft. Perfect for shooting subjects using lots of distance. no windows for controlled lighting, a lounge, bathroom, and balcony.   


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